4 great reasons to make MotelChurch a local missions project in your church

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the people in your church serving in the community, helping the homeless and working poor to find the hope that we have in Christ?

And, what if it was so simple – you simply plugged them into an existing ministry that is a well-run, evangelical effort with people from over 60 churches serving in it?

MotelChurch is a church planting ministry that brings church to homeless and working poor living in and around low-budget, rundown motels. StreetChurch is a ministry that brings church to homeless living on the streets, in homeless encampments and tent cities.

These locations are being started all around the U.S. and there are many excellent ways that your church can use this to grow the people in your congregation.

  1. This is an easy, non-threatening way for the average church-goer to do a simple missions project. They will learn about cross-cultural missions, they’ll gain new understandings of the world that homeless and working poor live in, and it’s an easy “crawl step” for anyone to take. Anyone can do this. They show up with some food and our leaders give them simple directions of what to do. Even grade school kid groups are serving with us.
  2. We provide all the structure and organization, so you don’t have to. Our team has all the systems and processes in place, tested over a dozen years in many parts of the country, and all you have to do is plug your small groups/life groups into the system and they’ll be participating in a church planting system that feels like a simple outreach.
  3. It’s a very family-friendly ministry. Many people bring their children to the ministry. The only caveat is that we meet in public places and so we let parents know that they need to supervise their children as they would in any other public place.
  4. Mobilizing your groups and individuals to serve exposes them to important principles of relational evangelization and compassionate service. They will grow spiritually as they serve as the hands and feet of Christ.

Right now over 1100 people are serving with MotelChurch and StreetChurch from churches all over the country. The churches they attend don’t have to do anything to organize, coordinate, schedule or follow-up with them. They just go and grow, and bring their new, growing selves to the church to be used in other areas. This is the best training ground for global missions, and an important way your church can help the less fortunate in your community.

We are non-denominational but evangelical. Leaders come from virtually every denomination.

To get more information, contact ron “at” motelchurch.org.

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