Welcome to MotelChurch US

This is the website for all MotelChurch activities outside of Orange County, California. In this site we discuss the workings of MotelChurch around the U.S.

MotelChurch is a volunteer-led movement that was started in Orange County, Southern California and has now spread to other parts of the country. Currently, MotelChurch is comprised of people from over 60 churches that serve at motels in several states, where working poor and transitional homeless live. The movement is organic and missional and works to plant light and hope into places of darkness and hopelessness.

You can see and read more about MotelChurch at the Orange County website at www.motelchurch.org and the Orange County Facebook page at www.facebook.com/motelchurch.

You can help spread the light of Christ into a world where life is a struggle and hope is a far off dream. If you live in Southern California, simply sign up to serve at http://www.motelchurch.org. If you would like to start a motel church movement in your area, contact Ron Wilbur at ron@motelchurch.org. Teams are forming in many parts of the U.S. We’ll provide you all you need to start up, including walking alongside you during those first critical years.

Blessings to you!

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