Maybe if

motel church guest
motel church guest

People living in motels often think “Maybe if.” Maybe if I had not made that choice, maybe if that had not happened to me, maybe if I had said yes instead of no, maybe if I had said no instead of yes, maybe if that person had not done that to me, or maybe if I had not chased that person away, then maybe things would be different for me.

Truth is, we all have the “maybe if” voice in our heads because we all have regrets and wonder how different things would be if only… if only… if only…

Most of us try to drown out the voice somehow, and often that just adds to our problems. We drink, we smoke, we take drugs, we have sex, we try things we shouldn’t, we don’t try things we should, we listen to country music <okay, just kidding on that last one>. And while those tactics may seem like they help for a few hours, in a little while the voice is back and what we did to drown it out has actually fed it, so now it’s louder.

Every week, those of us serving in Motel Church get to share with our friends living in motels that God’s message is different than our voices. God says that it’s not “maybe if” or even “maybe when.” God’s message is, “Maybe is today.”

When we take God up on his promises, we’re saying,“Starting today I choose to leave the past behind me and grab hold of a new and different and better future, because God says He is the God of the second chance, and third chance, and fourth chance, or as many chances as I need, and I need that chance today. Starting today I will make the right choice, instead of ignoring it. Starting today I choose to become a new person, so I can be the great person that God created me to be.”

But, the important news is that none of us can wait forever to decide that “maybe is today,” because there might not be a tomorrow. We only get so many minutes of life and for some of us our minutes will run out instantly, before we have time to do anything about it. Some of us might not even finish reading this before our time is up. No one knows.

We can continue like we are and then maybe next year we’ll be somewhere else with our head in our hands thinking, “Maybe if.”

Or, we can make the decision today, right now, to claim the wonderful future that God has created for us. We can make the decision to say “yes” to the greatest opportunity that we will ever have; the opportunity to start over and live a new life that will help change our world.

But, we have to choose it.

This is the choice that many of us have already made, the promise that we’ve claimed, the future that we are becoming part of. We made the decision on one amazing day, a decision that “maybe” isn’t the distant echo of regret; it is the chance of a lifetime that we won’t pass up this time.

Our hope and prayer for every person we meet at a motel is that their “maybe” is today.

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